Which mutual fund would be best for me?

Mutual fund


An investor who decides to invest in Mutual Funds must decide which scheme to choose – Fixed Income Fund, Equity Fund, Balanced Fund – and which Asset Management Company (AMC) to work with.

It’s important to discuss your objective, time period, and risk appetite openly with your advisor.

According to this information, investment decisions will be made.

Mutual fund 1
Mutual Fund

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1. You may want to consider an equity or balanced fund if you have a long-term objective, such as retirement planning.

2. A liquid fund is ideal for short-term objectives such as money to be kept aside for a few months.

3. A Monthly Income Plan or an Income Fund would be recommended if you wish to generate regular income.

Once the type of fund to invest in has been decided, an AMC must choose the specific scheme. Usually, these decisions are made after considering the AMC’s track record, suitability of the scheme, and portfolio information.

Investing requires reading Scheme Factsheets and Key Information Memorandums. Detailed information can be found in the Scheme Information Document. Each Mutual Fund’s website provides easy access to these.


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