Once again, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has come under fire on social media for bullying and body shaming a teenager.   

Students were investigated for alleged sex trafficking after he made fat-phobic and misogynistic remarks on Saturday.  

At the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, Gaetz asked "Why do nobody want to impregnate you?". 

"I wear heels so small men like you are reminded of their place," said Olivia Julianna, 19, of Texas.

Her tweet didn't include her original response to Gaetz's comment about abortion rights protesters, in which she referred to him as a pedophile.

In part as a result of eating disorders, Gaetz didn't realize that she had been hospitalized in December because of her appearance.

 You are the worst of America. Voters will remember you. Stay away from young girls and grow up.

Helen Kennedy, she said, "Surely Florida can do better than this repulsive wretch."

 Sari Beth Rosenberg says, "@mattgaetz should be so lucky to be such an amazing human & activist as @0liviajulianna."


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