This adorable, behind-the-scenes moment from Taylor Swift's music video is well remembered by Miles Teller.  

In the music video for Taylor's 2021 single "I Bet You Think About Me", the Top Gun: Maverick star, 35, cried.

As we were shooting the music video, Taylor played for Keleigh 'All Too Well (10 Minute Version)' for the first time.

 While she was watching Taylor in her wedding dress and us dancing, Keleigh was bawling her eyes out.

He said Keleigh plays Taylor's discography "all the time" despite his love for "I Bet You Think About Me."

It's Bob Seger that makes me dance like Michael Jackson," Miles said. "I have a lot of videos of me dancing to both."

As well as his shirtless, shoulder shimmy during the film's beach football scene, the actor shared his thoughts.  

"It's just the father-son thing. I had a great relationship with my father, but having a catch still is therapeutic."

He celebrated eBay's launch with former second baseman Chase Utley and MLB Network's Alanna Rizzo.  

In addition, as a lifelong baseball fan, I collect baseball cards. Some of these cards are 75 years old. It's a relic.   

Miles commented, "I love this because everything comes through the vault so I don't have to worry about damage.". 


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