Felony drug trafficking and possession charges have been filed against Kodak Black.

Police reported that the rapper was driving a purple Dodge Durango with darker tints than the legal limit.

Black's vehicle tag and driver's license were both expired, and the police found 31 Oxycodone tablets in a clear bag.

Bill Kapri, 25, is arrested for trafficking in 14 to 25 grams of Oxycodone and possessing a controlled substance without a prescription.

We negotiated a bond of $75,000 and will proceed." "Never judge a case by the words of an arrest," Cohen said.

A bond was posted by Kodak and he was seen leaving jail on July 16.

A few months ago, Black was arrested in Florida on trespassing charges. Prosecutors declined to pursue the case.

 On January 2021, Former President Donald Trump commuted Black's sentence for falsifying documents to purchase firearms. 

Having been sentenced 46 months for a paperwork offense, his lawyer says he is thrilled to see his son.


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