Among American sports, football, basketball, and baseball are the big three. But what we love even more is mega athletes.  

The NBA great Stephen Curry is a relatable superstar. He's not the fastest or biggest, but he dominates a height-based game.

In this video, Steph Curry seems to be taking the L, another example of his egoless nature, as he plays Connect 4 Hoops with Riley Curry.

It may look different when he's off the court, but it's different when he's on it when Steph Curry is on the court.

In comparison with NBA guards over 6-foot-3, his relatability comes into play. That's why he's the best under 6-foot-3.

 It's safe to say that Curry is at least three inches shorter and lighter than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan on most people's Top 10.

In contrast to Jordan or Kobe, most humans lack size and skill. Even those who are tall lack talent.

Curry never really reacted publicly despite all the Kevin Durant drama and talk that he wasn't the best player. 

 He came out and balled in 2021-22, led the Warriors back to the NBA Finals, and won title no.4. Curry comes off as a regular guy. 


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