Luke Combs said he almost competed on "The Voice," but producers decided he wasn't "interesting enough" to make it.

She once waited 12 hours with her mom to audition for "American Idol." She was turned down before singing for the judges.

Despite auditioning for Season 8, Guyton was not invited to perform at the Super Bowl and was cut before the live shows.

 Kelly won two Grammys despite her "annoying" voice that Simon Cowell called her. She was eliminated in the top 24.

Despite not making it past producers on "American Idol" at the age of 17, Amber Riley says it was necessary"  

"American Idol" rejected Colbie Caillat twice.

As a double "Idol" reject, Hillary Scott shed a few tears during her preliminary auditions in 2012.

Before winning "American Idol," Maddie Poppe tried her luck on "The Voice" — and none of the judges turned their chairs for her.

 He claimed his audition was aced by "Britain's Got Talent" producers. But he said they ghosted him before bringing him on stage.


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