There has been a brief shutdown of the Iowa library due to a national debate over LGBTQ-themed books.  

A part-time staff will reopen the Vinton Public Library on Monday after interim library director Colton Neely resigned.

In June, Neely accepted the position after former director Renee Greenlee resigned after six months.

Some critics accused her of pushing partisan agendas against LGBTQ employees and certain books in the library.

After Greenlee and Neely resigned, a national debate erupted over what books should be available. 

American Library Association (ALA) keeps track of challenges and bans across the country.

The ALA recorded 729 book challenges targeting 1,597 titles in 2021, more than twice 2020's figures. 

According to PEN America research, one in three books restricted by schools in the past year featured LGBTQ themes.

In our search for a director, we hope to find someone who will meet the needs of the library and the community." Kelly said.


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